-Bolted bonnet or pressure seal bonnet,Outside screw&yoke

-Class 150LB from 2" to 60",Class 300LB from 2" to 48",Class 600LB from 2" to 48",Class 900LB from 2" to48",Class 1500LB from 2" to 36",Class 2500LB from 2" to 24"

-Full port design

-Flexible wedge,fully guided

-Choice of solid or split wedge

-Renewable seat rings

-Forged T-head stem

-Rising stem and Non-rising handwheel

-Flange or butt welding ends

-Available body material:A216 WCB,A217 WCC,A217 WC6,A217 WC9,A351 CF8,A351 CF8M,A351 CF3,A351 CF3M,A352 LCB,A352 LCC etc

-Operation:Handwheel,Gear,Pneumatic,Electric etc

Note:1)Ductile Ni-Resist optional

     2)Wedge and seat ring may either be solid facing material or a base material equal to or better than the body/bonnet material with facing as shown.