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Cast Steel Check Valve

Design Standard
ANSI B 16.34 or BS 1873
Temperature Range
NPS1/ 2′′~NPS 16′′ DN15-DN400
Pressure Rating
CLB150~CL300 PN10~PN40
Cast Steel Check Valve
Cast Steel Check Valve Cast Steel Check Valve Cast Steel Check Valve Cast Steel Check Valve

Specification Parameters

Name Cast Steel Check Valve
Size NPS1/ 2′′~NPS 48′′   DN15-DN1200
Pressure CLB150~CL2500    PN10~PN160
Temperature -20~350°C
Application Oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, fertilizer, electricity and other pipelines
Body Material Stainless steel 304,304L, 316, 316L,cast steel,Low temperature materials,B62,C95800,monel,inconel etc.

Design Specification:

Design and Manufacturing ANSI B 16.34,API6D or BS 1873
Structure length ANSI B 16.10
Flange Standard ANSI B 16.5a
Terminal end size ANSI B 16.25
Pressure test API 6D or API 598
pressure and temperature rating ASME B16.34, GB/T 12224

Product Description

The cast steel check valve is an automatic valve type, and the opening and closing parts are opened or closed by the force of the flowing medium. The check valve is only used on the pipeline where the medium flows in one direction, preventing the medium from flowing back to prevent accidents. The check valve adopts a built-in rocker swinging structure, the valve flap rotates around the rotating shaft, the valve flap opens under the action of fluid pressure, and the fluid flows from the inlet side to the outlet side. When the inlet side pressure is lower than the outlet side, the valve flap automatically closes under the influence of fluid pressure difference, its own gravity and the like to prevent the fluid from flowing backward. The cast steel check valve can be mainly divided into a swing type check valve (rotation according to the center of gravity) and a lift check valve (moving along the axis).

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